The best varieties of coffees from around the world, selected with a devotion for traditions, to create unmistakable Italian gourmet blends, full of aroma and with a signature aftertaste.

We are an independent Italian family business with an original and true artisan passion for quality coffee.
All our coffee is hand-roasted in Italy in small batches and perfected in the Italian Lake Garda region.
Furthermore, every purchase of Aromistico Coffee goes towards planting Coffee Trees, with the help of Tree-Nation.

Aromistico coffee allows you to bring a little piece of Italy and its history into your home.




In the 15th century, the vibrant trade in the Republic of Venice brought a large variety of African goods, including coffee, for the first time to its leading European port. Venetian merchants introduced coffee-drinking to the wealthy in Venice, charging them top prices for the luxury beverage. In this way, coffee was introduced to Europe. The first European coffee house was opened in Venice in 1645.

Using carefully balanced and crafted combinations of quality arabica and robusta, mostly from East Africa and Central America, with Aromistico we have developed distinct Italian blends all different in strength and with distinguishing notes, but with a reoccurring aftertaste theme. We hand roast each blend in our small roastery located in the beautiful region of Lake Garda, Italy. Aromistico has pronounced respect for traditions. Our in house coffee roaster has been used for over 40 years and it even once used to operate by wood burning.

Starting from our Venezia Selection Blend, each of the Aromistico blends has been inspired by an Italian city and we carefully crafted each flavour, so that at every sip will transport you to one of these beautiful cities.

Aromistico is available as Whole Beans, so that you can ground and prepare the coffee just the way you like it, or already Ground for Cafetière French Press, Filter, Pour-over Drip, Italian Moka, Aeropress, Percolator or Chemex.

All blends are suitable for Italian espresso: we reccomend ordering whole beans and griding on "very fine" settings.


The preparation of a great coffee doesn’t only depend on the product but also on the care, process and elements used in brewing. For the best experience we recommend you buy Aromistico BEANS and that you grind just the right amount freshly each time. We recommend that beans should be ground:

  • FINE for espresso
  • MEDIUM for filter, pour-over dripper or aeropress
  • MEDIUM-COARSE for cafetière/french press

If you do not have a coffee grinder simply choose the GROUND version and follow the tips below for a perfect cafetière:

  • 1) Add 1 heaped table spoon of coffee per person;
  • 2) Boil water in a kettle (for a truly refined experience we recommend using still mineral water or filtered tap water);
  • 3) To best safeguard coffee nutrients and flavour, we highly recommend you wait 45 secs after boiling the kettle, then pour water in the cafetière (around 250ml per cup);
  • 4) Give it a good stir and leave for 5 minutes;
  • 5) Another firm stir, experience the aroma, plunge slowly and ENJOY!


Every purchase of Aromistico Coffee goes towards planting Coffee Trees with the help of Tree-Nation.

As of June 2020, Tree-Nation has planted nearly 6.5 million trees and we are proud to say Aromistico Coffee is joining in the effort!

Our project will support the community of coffee growers, allowing them to grow more coffee trees and help their local economy thrive. For those living close to a forested area, produce can account for up to 28% of total household earnings in some tropical and subtropical regions.

From June 2020, for every 10kg of Aromistico Coffee sold, we will plant 1 Coffee Tree, starting with the Usambra Biodiversity Conservation in Tanzania. Not only will this help offset Aromistico’s future CO2 emissions, but will work towards allowing us to create a new blend from coffee trees planted by you.

We’re committed to providing our customers, not only quality coffee, but sustainable and eco-friendly coffee!

To track our progress and CO2 offset visit our Tree-Nation page.



Aromistico's commitment to the Planet
and Coffee Growers

See our Coffee Trees
In partnership with Tree-Nation logo



Our family has been in the coffee trading, making and roasting business since 1987.

Based in the Lake Garda region of Northern Italy, we are a small independent family business, that for two generations have retained the original and true artesian passion for quality Italian coffee.

Our mission is for worldwide consumers to discover the pleasant taste of a traditional Italian coffee, compared with an industrially produced coffee.

Already served in many Italian cafés and restaurants, with Aromistico, our aim is to take the taste of Italy to your home, wherever you are.


Signor Mauro

Signor Mauro grew up between the flavours and scents of the countryside in the Romagna region of Italy, where warm hospitality and genuine food are everyday rule. His parents owned a local grocery store and Mauro was helping out since he was little: here is where he began to develop his refined taste and sense of smell. In his late twenties he moved to Brescia in the north of Italy and opened a small coffee and grocery store of his own, called “Cento del Caffè”. Who knew that one day he would go onto roasting his own coffee.


She met Signor Mauro in the 70s in the beach town of Rimini. Between sea, sun, and sand, much more than a summer love story was born. Signora Margherita used to be a primary school teacher and a school headmaster, but she soon decided to support her husband in his business pursuit. She is passionate and headstrong, but always available to offer an extra pair of hands. Not sure how she does it, but her advice and suggestions are always spot on. Let’s also not forget the help she constantly gives to the entire family at home: in total there are 5 nieces and nephews to tame.


She is the first sibling in the family and following the footprints of her father, she was the one that took the first steps to move the family into coffee roasting. Pelliconi/Arca thereon expanded and renewed itself. With a deep business engagement, she spent years balancing work and raising her children. She built the foundation for the challenging obstacles that were faced by the business, when her brother also joined the company to move on with the further expansion of the family business.


Dario injects vitality into the family business: when you meet him, from the offset you can feel his artisan passion and natural entrepreneurship. He actively participates in industry events and takes regular advance courses in quality coffee roasting. Together with Mauro and Lisa he crafts renowned specialty coffee blends. Just like his father, for Dario refined taste and acute sense of smell for genuine food are a way of life.


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Aromistico is produced by and is a registered a trademark of Pelliconi/Arca s.r.l. Via Lithos 11, Rezzato – Brescia, Italy

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